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"Daydreaming" was the third single from the album "Paramore". It was released as a single solely in the UK on December 2nd, 2013.
Singles Order
Still Into You (2013) Daydreaming (2013) Ain't It Fun (2014)

Chart PerformanceEdit

Chart (2013) Peak Position
UK Rock 33

Music VideoEdit

A music video premiered on UK's MSN on November 5th, 2013. It features the story of two girls who fly to London to see Paramore perform live at the Wembley Arena. They sneak backstage and meet the band members.
Paramore Daydreaming OFFICIAL VIDEO04:29

Paramore Daydreaming OFFICIAL VIDEO


Living in a city of sleepless people
Who all know the limits and won't go too far outside the lines
Cause they're' out of their minds.
I wanna get out and build my own home
On a street where reality is not much different from dreams I've had
A dream is all I have...

Daydreaming all the time
Daydreaming into the night
And I'm alright

Creep past the hours like the shorter hand on the clock
Hanging on a wall of a schoolhouse somewhere
We wait for the bell
And we dream of somewhere else

Daydreaming all the time
Daydreaming into the night
And I'm alright

Not that I won't remember where I'm from
Just don't wanna be here no more
It's not enough
(We're only half alive)
I'm gonna go
(We're only half alive)
Where the rest of the dreamers go

Where the dreamers go

Daydreaming all the time
Daydreaming into the night
And I'm alright

Daydreaming all the time
We used to be half alive
Now I'm alright


  • According to Hayley Williams, this song was written when she was in a hotel room in Los Angeles in Feburary 2013.
  • sold a "Daydreaming" rubber cuff.
  • Hayley has stated that the song's title was inspired by the song "Dreaming" by Blondie.
  • Fueled By Ramen had hosted a 'Daydreaming' gift pack giveaway, which included: Hayley's custom Sennheiser microphones, a pair of Sennheiser headphones, a signed copy of the Paramore vinyl box set, as well as a Paramore t-shirt, hoodie, and poster. Ten runners up received the signed box set, headphones, t-shirt, hoodie and a poster.
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