Joey Howard is a touring member of Paramore, he is currently the touring bassist for the band after Jeremy Davis departed in 2015. His first appearance on stage with the band was at Parahoy 2016.

Paramore Edit

Joey joined the band as their touring bassist in 2016 after the departure of longtime band member Jeremy Davis.

He later joined the band for their After Laughter tour becoming their official touring bassist.

Trivia Edit

  • He is the brother of former touring member Jon Howard, who was part of the band since 2010, he later departed in 2016 and was replaced by Logan Mackenzie.
  • He did not participate in recording Paramore's After Laughter.
  • He is also the touring bassist of HalfNoise.
  • His birthday is on March 29.
  • He lives in Brooklyn, New York.
  • He is gay.