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Jon Howard
Jon Howard
Full Name Jonathan Michael Howard
Born April 27, 1985
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
Role in the band Support
Trademark Rhythm
Important Fact

Jon Howard was a touring member of Paramore. A former member of the band “Stellar Kart” and Josh Farro’s guitar tech’s brother, he first played next to Zac at the Pier Pressure festival in Gothenburg, Sweden on June 20th.

In the summer of 2010, Jon began touring with the band Paramore as an additional rhythm guitar player, keyboardist and percussionist.

His role in the band lasted until 2016 to which in 2017 he departed and was replaced by Logan Mackenzie.

Trivia Edit

  • His brother Joey Howard joined Paramore as the touring bassist after Jeremy Davis departed in 2015. After Jon's departure Joey so far remains in the band.
Paramore Members
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