Rules and guidelines:

☐ No spamming/vandalizing any wiki page or the chat (leads to 1 day ban from both chatting and editing, twice leads to a week suspension, and three times leads to a month suspension).

☐ No disrespectful behavior towards staff members such as administrators, bureaucrats, chat moderators, ones with rollback-rights, etc. (ban time may not apply).

☐ Abusive/sexual behavior towards another user is not tolerated (leads to a week suspension, twice leads to a month's worth, three times leads to a year).

☐ Useless edits or categories should not be made (leads to a warning, leads to a second warning, leads to a 1 day suspension, leads to a week's worth of suspension, leads to a month, leads to a year, leads to a permanent suspension).

☐ If making templates, when a template is made that is useless to the wiki, it will be deleted (no punishment has been set).

☐ When commenting on articles, anything useless or off-topic shall be removed (warning is given, the second time it is a editing suspension for a day).

☐ Useless blog posts shall be removed (along with a day's worth of suspension).

☐ Racism or any cultural insults are not tolerated (leads to a day's worth of suspension, along with a chat ban for a day).

☐ Any private information about one will be removed (no punishment will be given unless otherwise).

☐ Please report if staff members are giving you issues, as this can be reported to sysops and to [1].

☐ Enjoy your stay and make sure to ask any staff members if there's an issue! [Fun suspension is given :)].

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