Hi guys! I'm really excited to say the mainpage is back and better than ever! I feel nice that some of the old mainpage features are back, along with some new ones (such as a featured video heading). It's been (about) two weeks since the mainpage went under construction... so I'm finally relieved it can be viewed. I worked on a new page for a tour drummer named Aaron... and his page looks great. One of my favorite mainpage features are the daily song and daily video headers, which will probably change at random times (so it will not always stay for 24 hours). The daily videos will probably be interviews, or maybe acoustic songs and covers. Who knows?

Next, the wiki logo has been changed as well. I'm really happy to say that the Paramore website font took a big impact on the header(s) of the wiki. If you want to download it for free, without any hassle, you can just comment bellow, and I'll give you an easy download. 

How does the mainpage seem to you? Comment below! I'll make a new blog post next week.


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