Hi guys, it's time for another blog update. To begin, the mainpage looks great and it's fun to change the daily song and video (do you have any suggestions)? Next up, I'd like to continue with our latest update: 121 pages for 121 days. Each day we'll be making updates to every page on the wiki, and also updating some templates to make it easier for you all to view information on Paramore. With your edits, you can help us a lot - by adding more facts and correcting mistakes. Do you think we have any pages that need major reconstruction? Leave a comment below!

To continue, I will be looking for some new chat moderators and page monitors - to help stop spam and vandalism quickly. Soon, I may request to become a bureaucrat on the wiki, though this might be unnecessary since nobody is making any serious issues. I really want some new staff soon - it's lonely with so little active users.

Do you have anymore requests or want to be apart of the staff? Let me know in the comments below.